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8 Rolls/120 counts dog poo bags

Quick Details:

1.Manufactured using renewable resources, plant base thermoplastic GMO-free corn starch resins.
2.Meets all internationally recognized standard for compostable packaging
   Europe EN 13432/   Australia  AS 4736/ USA  ASTM D 6400/
3.Does not contain any polyethylene or other non-degradable plastics
4.Available in a wide variety of style from handle dog waste bag,roll dog poop bags,pet waste with box,dog waste bag with packaging.

These corn-starch dog waste bags and dog poop bags are ideal for pick the dog waste up,
They are fully Compostable and Biodegradable,bare the seedling logo and and certified to EN13432,ASTM D6400.
Since the bags will finally decompost into Co2 and water ,leaving no any harm to the enviroment and back to nature
so you will no need pick the bags out,that will do not pollute the earth and save a lot of works.
Below are some Common used size for your choose 
but also ,all the item ,packaging can be customized,just contact us freely
More informaton about the packaing 
compostable poop bags 
15 bags in a roll
8 rolls in a box 
120 bags/box

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