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What is a waste diversion program?
A source separated waste diversion program refers to the successful separation of waste streams. There waste streams include; organics, recyclables and non-organic trash. Each waste stream is collected separated in clearly labeled containers. The collection bin for all organic waste is lined with Xybio-Bag compostable bags; this makes the collection process more efficient and hygienic. As additional compostable food service products (compostable tableware, cutlery, etc.) are introduced into the facility they can also be collected along with the organic food waste.
The organic waste is collected and hauled by a professional compost facility and the resulting compost can be used for land projects in the community. Source separated waste diversion programs are ideal for large institutions, cafeterias, schools/universities, government agencies, etc.
Waste diversion programs help divert millions tons of organic materials away from landfills, reduce garbage hauling/tipping fees and divert organic waste to a compost facility so waste can be reclaimed for land projects.

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